Fleet management is about controlling and reducing operating costs and limiting risk of acciddents so whilst acciddents do happen at The ITM Group we believe that with a effective transport managment system  this will greatly reduce aciddents, and proctect your business.

We recognise that each client is diffrent and the level of management that will be required will vary, so we will work with you to ensure that you have the right management cover. What ever level of cover you need we guarantee to cover the following:


Maintenance Planning

Pre MOT and MOT's, Tachograph Calibration and Road Tax monitoring . Safety inspections, repairs, tyre checks, roller brake testing, wheel security, tachograph calibration.

Driver Scheduling

 In compliance with EEC driving rules.

Driving Records

 Weekly audits in accordance with EEC driving rules 

Driver Licence Check

Every six months with the DVLA or when new drivers are employed






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