The ITM Group have gathered a wealth of experienced National and International road and passenger transport CPC holders through a strong network group, all of whom are ready to work as External Transport Managers on a interim or long term bases and in full compliance with the EC regulations 1071/2009 


All CPC Holders on our database have been vetted and approved to act as "External Transport Managers". 


The ITM Group will introduce you to a suitable "External Transport Manager" for your operation. Once you are satisfied that the selected ETM is suitable for your organisation and you have agreed terms, conditions, and fees, then contracts will be drawn up. You will then be subject to a one off introduction fee .


Standard National & International Operator Licence External CPC Transport Manager


The monthly fees for the provision of an external freelance Transport Manager CPC holder are based on your Operator Compliance Risk Scores (OCRS) as follows:


Green Operators


The first vehicle is chargeable at £345 and each additional vehicle thereafter, £95.


Amber Operators


The first vehicle is chargeable at £490 and each additional vehicle thereafter, £140. Acceptance is strictly subject to a full DVSA compliance audit. Audit fees may apply.


Red Operators


Prices and terms on application. All fees are payable monthly in advance on flexible term contracts. Immediate cover available subject to terms and conditions.


Restricted Licence External CPC Transport Management


A Restricted Operator’s licence holder is not legally obliged to employ the services of a 'professionally competent’ person to manage the transport operation. Though it would be highly advisable as you still have to adhere to the same regulations as any other O'licence holder. For Restricted Licence holders we offer a bespoke package to take care of your transport operation needs.


Monthly Fee £65.00 per vehicle, minimum billing applies. Based on an initial 4-month contract, monthly thereafter.


You can be assured that the selected ETM will give your organisation the care and attention that is needed as The Traffic Commissioners expects the following obligatory weekly hours he/she are to required to work for an operator is determined by the number of vehicles permitted to operate on the operators licence as shown below: 

• 2 or less vehicles = 2-4 hours 
• 3 to 5 vehicles = 4-8 hours 
6 to 10 vehicles = 8-12 hours 
• 11 to 14 vehicles = 12-20 hours 
15 to 29 vehicles = 20-30 hours

30 to 50 vehicles full time  


Above 50 vehicles full time and additional assistance required, plus additional hours may be required for trailers.                        










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